Fairy ecard copyright 2009 Randi Kuhne

I created this image in DAZ 3DDAZ 3D, using Daz's V4.2, and other items they sell including Twelfie hair with dark brown texture, pants from Courageous for V4 A4, shirt from Miss Dee Anna J, Magic Shoppe shelving, counter, contents, accessories, and floor. I also used Antje and NocturnalRamble's Enchantment for V3 & Accessories table, chair and artifacts. Wings are Universal Wings by Thorne with texture from Painted Wings Vol.I by Sarsa. Manual lights and pose except for right hand pose, which is a slightly modified Aikiyu hand pose for A3. I did the post-rendering work, including the parchment text, in Fireworks 8.

Actual-size image of fairy ecard.

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