Original Fairy Poem:
Along the Path

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Original fairy poem: Along the Path

Along the Path

As down the winding path I walk
Tiny fairies to me talk
And sing to me of happiness and light.

In the gentle summer breeze
Softly blowing through the trees
They dance about as swiftly comes the night.

Then as evening's stars are seen
And the earth turns darkest green
They become an even lovlier sight.

Glowing in a golden yellow
Floating in the air so mellow
To the darkness they bring such delight.

At the end of busy day
All my cares they take away
Lift my spirits to a lofty height.

Have you seen them as you go
Wandering from to to fro?
Truly want to see them and you might!

Copyright 2004 Randi Kuhne. All Rights Reserved.
Reproduction without permission strictly prohibited.
Copyright violations have been and will be enforced!

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