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Fairy personal checks, original fairy poems and art

Fairy Personal Checks ~ Amy Brown ~ Nene Thomas
Original Fairy Poems

Fairy Checks faerie faeSee our page of Fairy Checks

with fairy personal checks by Nene Thomas, Amy Brown's Magic and Mischief and Fairy Inspirations checks,

Jasmine Becket-Griffith's Gothlings, Mimi Jobe, Lisa Jane, Disney's Tinker Bell, and more fairy artists.

This site has several of my own original fairy poems for you to enjoy. It also has some of my original fairy doodles. My fairy art is mostly doodle and cartoon style fairy drawings. The self-portrait fairy in my logo, above, is about as sophisticated as I get. Most of my fairy drawings are a lot more simple. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Please remember this: all my fairy poems and my fairy artwork on this site are original works, copyrighted by me, and I appreciate you leaving them where you find them. Feel free to come back and enjoy them again, and please tell your friends.